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1 hello le 14.12.18 11:04


hey guys new to the forum and relatively new to building speakers. looking forward to getting some building done in the near future

1st question
what design are the sexy blue and orange bins on the homepage ? they certainly look the part.

If/when i get round to building a rig id be keen for some advice on plans it would be mostly for outdoor/ open air free partys playing mostly jungle/jungletek, deep dubstep and reggae/dub so plenty of low end is a must. simplicity of build isn't a big issue i have plenty of experience working with wood.

2 Re: hello le 15.12.18 0:09

mr one

mr one
That's the systèm from telesco-p in brittany. The sub is a 2x18" compound, 105,5 db/w/m for someting like 42hz of f3 ( if i am right) speakers are fl18x401 rcf

the kick is a 2x12" pure Horn ( rear chambre is colsed) 
On the top they have M3 & m8 nexo.

The sub is easy to build but the kick is full of wood cuts and need ton have good work tools to be done ^^

This two plans are private make by marc.o, you can not have them for free

3 Re: hello le 19.12.18 3:19


thanks for the reply i think i might have to try and get in touch with him

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