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Grounded Soundsystem

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1 Grounded Soundsystem le Mar 29 Jan 2013 - 3:11


Here is the Grounded sound system. First outing with the new kick bin. Although it was hardly an outing because the party was at my place

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We have:

2 x MTH-4654 loaded with B&C 18NW100 powered by AM1600 bridged (1600w @ 4ohms)

1 x MKB-230 loaded with 18sound 12mb600 off AM1600 (800w @ 4 ohms)

2 x AT professional MH-01 with 18sound 12mb600 and radian 2" 760NEOPB
powered by AT professional M2000 (1000w a side @ 8ohms) plenty headroom there.

Processing is Klark Technic EQ and in this photo is a borrowed Behringer crossover. We have had 2 BSS FDS-380 power supplies fail on us in the last 6 months, strange.
Crossover points are 85hz and 190hz

We have been running the tapped horns and tops for about 6 months and have been really impressed with the quality of sound. Its amazing where a few quality components can get you.

The first run with the kick bin sounded great though we not able to turn it up past about -18. Kick sounds really strong and tight.

The cabs we built are all from free wood and pretty roughly cut. Next step is double the size and build everything again with proper, good wood. Baltic Birch is really hard to get (and $200+ a sheet) in Australia someone recommended hoop pine, not sure how to proceed here yet.
Already have 2 more tops and driver for kick, saving up for some more 18NW100's then we're away.

This is me, Massive, and my partner in crime the BFG

Thanks for the plans Marc

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2 Re: Grounded Soundsystem le Mar 29 Jan 2013 - 14:28


Thank you for this comment.

"Il y a deux types de sonorisateur: ceux qui savent utiliser le bouton "preset" du processeur, et ceux qui savent à quoi servent les autres boutons."
Calculatrices Audio Android
Bons plans Thomann

3 Re: Grounded Soundsystem le Jeu 31 Jan 2013 - 0:28


Thanks Marc, i will keep this thread updated as we do further building and testing.

Any thoughs on using a metal plate for the removable driver panel to acta as a heat sink.
The thermal properties of metal as opposed to wood were discussed in some depth in the invaders thread on, makes sense to me.

4 Re: Grounded Soundsystem le Ven 22 Fév 2013 - 0:07


Hell Dude..!
Freaking nice stack!!!!

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