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Advice about a ground stacked system

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Finally I've changed everything... Rolling Eyes 

I' ve changed my storage place so at the moment it's impossible building up a 4-way with mth4654, it will be too large because I need at least 6 of them...

So, actually my project is a simple 3-way with 4 x mt130 + 6 x mhb46 (with g401).

Since I have 4 x b&c 12plb76, can I use them in mt130? If it's possible I can cross them with bms driver or it will be better something else?

Another little question, for the mid-hi section I have 3 available amplifiers:

- Crown xls 202 --> 2 x 300 @ 4 ohm
- Dap Audio Palladium 2000 --> 2 x 1025 @ 4 ohm
- QSC rmx 4050HD --> 2 x 1300 @ 4 ohm

I'm planning to use QSC for the 12" because it's a dual mono, I think it offer a better quality control and give a lot of headroom, but I'm in doubt about the high section...I wonder if it's better using one between crown and dap or buy something else (in the 400-500 euros price range)


a another way for you: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

2x4 output

si tu cherches un sat compact et de qualité: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]


jitter a écrit:a another way for you: [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

2x4 output

Yes, actually I have one dsm480, I was planning to buy two t.racks but I founded a used dsm for a good price...  Very Happy 

I've think a lot about using a 4-way or 3-way, obviously the first one can fit virtually any type of music, but I've founded that:
- I never play music with an extreme low end like dub, I play mainly house, techno, electro, progressive, trance etc...and those songs are rich in the 40-60Hz, but poor in the <40Hz region
- Once a month I play with an old system with 4 jbl4818 and I like them, I've tested one and it show an F3 at least 10-15 Hz higher than the new mhb4818 or mhb46
- if it's possible, I try to make a modular system, with mt130 and mhb46 I can easly do it, with a four way it's complicated
- I have some storage problems, a 4 ways require large subs for a good sensitivity and the right spl...I can try to use less bins with 21" high powered drivers but it will be very expensive...

So, the system with mt130 + mhb46 is modular, offers o very good volume/db ratio, require less current and less amplifiers, it's easier to setup and upgrade, it's cheaper.

Now I have a lot of free outputs from the dsm!  Laughing  I can use them for a better control of mhb applying little delay at the central ones for example  Smile or maybe I can try to use an 8" between the 12" and the 1"...a strange 4-ways...

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