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1 MTL-46 le 02.02.15 2:32

Dj Maestro

Dj Maestro
hi marc

can you tell us in english more about the mtl -46, i tried to read the forum but the french language is killing me. it looks a nice and easy build.
how it sounds heavy or something like the mhb46. do i need kick cabs or sub cabs or can the mtl46 handle both sub and kick if i use more then 1
will it sum up if i put more cabs or will it just sound the same like one cab.
for outdoor use will it throw far or is it cab more for small veneus indoor.

2 Re: MTL-46 le 02.02.15 10:31


MTL-46 is multi-purpose cab, he can be used alone without kick cab, if u use more cabs the Frequency response will be enlarging with better descent (41Hz for 4 MTL-46)

hope can i help u
sorry for my bad english

3 Re: MTL-46 le 02.02.15 16:30

Dj Maestro

Dj Maestro
how it is performing outside in open areas. can you feel the bass at distance or is it shaking the windows of buildings only or both.

I want to use them in- and outdoor. I want to build doubles of them. looking for a a basscab with good sensivity and must gain low end and high spl in stack of 2 and more(doubles=4 singles). 40hz -120hz.
Or can I just build G sub or B&C plans or other.

4 Re: MTL-46 le 02.02.15 22:24


MTL-46 is not an Reflex box even if it's look like. It's a rear loaded horn and it will outperform any reflex in SPL term. It has a clean sound, and more dynamic than reflex. You can use anywhere.

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5 Re: MTL-46 le 03.02.15 3:20

Dj Maestro

Dj Maestro
what t/s of drivers i have to choose let it work in the mtl 46

6 Re: MTL-46 le 03.02.15 10:25

Chris Kazvon

Chris Kazvon

the best quality to price ratio for this cabinet is the RCF LF18G401, mostly because the MTL-46 was designed for this driver Razz

Still, if you're a bit short on the budget, you can use a The Box 18-500 8A Wink

Chris Kazvon

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