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MHB-46 retuning

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1 MHB-46 retuning le Ven 9 Sep 2016 - 21:19

Surely Bassey

Hi guys.

Last year I've loaded a couple of MHB-46 cabinets with B&C 18NW100 drivers and I was very pleased with the result.
Respect and thanks to Marc.O for the cabinet design.
I chose the B&Cs over the "standard" RCF driver because of the similarity in T/S parameters with added linear X-max.

Now I'd like to make a stack of four of these cabinets fitted with 18NW100 drivers and a slotted port instead the centrally placed bass reflex vent.
So I'd like the cabinets to cosmetically resemble the HR118 design by Startec a bit.
I'll keep the slots surface area identical to that of the port ( 400cm2 ).
I know the slot length must decrease a little bit because the moving air "sees" a longer port on one side.
Unfortunately my math skills aren't up to par to understand the k-factor stuff involved.

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Can someone please calculate the correct dept of the slot to keep the cabinet's tuning as correct as possible ?
Thanks for helping me out.

2 Re: MHB-46 retuning le Ven 9 Sep 2016 - 22:52


If port fit full box width like HR118 =>  56.4 x 7.1 x 10 (W x H x D) cm

I used this tool made by Marc [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

3 Re: MHB-46 retuning le Sam 10 Sep 2016 - 9:14

Surely Bassey

Thank you very much klh.   I really appreciate your help.

Did you take in to account the difference in parameters between the 18NW100 and the 18N401 in order to match the loudspeaker's total frequency response ?
Or have you just recalculated the cabinet itself without taking into account the different driver ?   That's fine as well.

It seems to be a very handy calulator although I don't completely understand the French terminology.
What's do the variables Ql, baffle and "voiture" stand for, asides from a car ?  Very Happy

4 Re: MHB-46 retuning le Sam 10 Sep 2016 - 12:40


I just recalculated the cabinet itself without caring about driver.

Ql is building quality, box leakings
Voiture is for car simulation
Baffle is the front panel of the box

5 Re: MHB-46 retuning le Mar 13 Sep 2016 - 22:35

Surely Bassey

OK, thx !

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